Editorial Policy and Publishing Terms

    The Editorial Board of " 'YANDOTO" Academic Journal of Arabic Language and Literature wishes to invite Scholars to submit their original research manuscripts for publication in the forthcoming edition of its Journal based on the following criteria:

    1- Strict compliance with academic research methodology in writings, using endnotes.

    2- Titles must be squarely captured.

    3- Articles for publication must be original, innovative and unpublished in any way.

    4- A- For Arabic: Font Type: Simplified Arabic, and Font Size: 12.

    B- For English: Font Type: Times New Roman, and Font Size: 12.

    Note: The font size for both endnotes and footnotes should be 10.

    5- All articles are subject to external assessments/peer review.

    6- Every article must contain the following data: Author's Name(s), Affiliation, Phone Number, E-mail Address.

    7- Abstract must be in both Arabic and English.

    8- All correspondences to the office of the Secretary, Through: yandotojournalfug@gmail.com 08083519616 - 07030238660

    The research and articles published in this journal reflect the opinions of the authors.